Saturday, October 15, 2005

calm again..

it has been awhile since I have written last! most who read this know the outcome of the wedding cake story, so I will keep it brief..upon arrival in Helena for the wedding, I was greeted by no luggage and no hotel room (which became a smoking room...) I spent all day Thursday frosting the wedding cakes, which HAD made it in one piece, thank goodness. I had to be inventive with my frosting methods, since I had no tools with me to help with the task..BUT, all ended well and the wedding and the cakes were a success! I had a great time with my great friends and was sad to have to leave come Sunday. I realized in Helena, too, how much I miss being out west. I just love the landscape and actually thought Helena was quite pretty. Since I have been back in Ithaca, my parents have been here visiting. Unfortunately, so have 8 days of rain and drearyness. This makes me appreciate even more, the wonderful and sunny summer that we had here.

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m said...

s...the cake looks great. another creative success.