Friday, January 27, 2006

Starbucks, Wanderwegs and one ‘very special’ Chocolate…

So, today I managed to steal a nice man’s seat at Starbucks (which resulted in a nice conversation over coffee) and wander my way along a “path” that led me straight to someone’s front porch. I was unable to read the signs, which may have said something like, Private Property, NO Trespassing OR in words I couldn’t understand at the time, Kein Übertreten! I am tempted to go back now that I am aware what these words mean, just to see if I was in fact breaking the law. Luckily, I just received a few curious stares from the window instead of some not so kind words being screamed from out the front door. When I realized my mistake and turned around, I met a woman on the “path” who said something to me..I thought maybe it was some sort of greeting, so I just smiled and nodded. I tried to keep her words in my mind so that when I got back home, I could look up what I thought she may have been far, any greeting has been ruled out. The closest thing that I can think of is that she was asking if I was lost. Sind Sie Verloren? If this is the case, my reaction by smiling and nodding ‘Yes’ wasn’t too far off!!

After a dinner of inattentive servers, we stepped in a chocolate café. Behind the counter was a bunch of different types of chocolate bark, each with milk or dark chocolate, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts…they were quite generous with the samples.. after we had decided against the chili pepper chocolate bark and had opted for some milk chocolate-hazelnut bark, some dark chocolate-almond bark AND a hot chocolate, the woman held out another piece to both of us and said, “try this…very special flavor”…it was milk chocolate, so we both happily agreed. I think this was the craziest surprise in a piece of chocolate yet. Once it started to melt on the tongue, it started popping! They had added crushed Pop-rocks! It was actually quite good!! (I will have to remember this for future desserts!) Needless to say, we had a bit too much chocolate last night, but it was too good to turn down!

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