Monday, September 25, 2006

The Cake of Three Milks…

I am glad that I am Lactose Tolerant, because this cake is darn good.

This is the cake that my boss favors over any other, and, I guess it is one that I have become known for in the CJ restaurant circle. I was politely begged to make this one for the 2nd birthday party of Oliver, although it was made pretty clear, that there would be enough cupcakes to go around for the kids at the party…

I think that in my absence from CJ, the ‘Tres Leche’ took a hiatus as well, because I don’t think that it was ever resurrected for the menu while I was away, and it never graced the menu at Pangea, while I was in NY. (I now wonder why that is…I guess I had forgotten just how tasty it was..)

It is formally referred to as a Tres Leches Cake, a sponge cake drenched with cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk and topped with fluffy meringue. When I say the cake is drenched, I mean sopping wet, like a dripping wet sponge. It is amazing just how much liquid a cake can soak up. In my own way of gilding the lily, I add layers of Milk Caramel.. made by cooking condensed milk for ions... Technically then, my TRES leches becomes CINGUE leches, if you count, too, the addition of milk in the cake batter itself.

Milk Caramel..
Fluffy Meringue...
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