Wednesday, November 08, 2006



I always wondered when this would happen.

After years of Apple Jacks, of Halloween candy that I would count nightly and hide in jars so that my family wouldn’t steal it, and if they did, I would know EXACTLY which kind was missing..the years of Oreos, those warm Diet Coke's for breakfast.. And then, all the Novocain, cavities and fillings….and now, all the sweets, nibbles of cookies, spoonfuls of ice cream and bites of cheesecake, merely 30 minutes after I awake each morning. There was a time when I looked forward to coming to work for my morning biscotti and coffee. More recently, it is more of a chore, to test out all my goodies for freshness every morning. Usually, it ends up with a pile of partially noshed sweets. I can only handle one bite of each, and by the time 8 am rolls around, I have..ugh..had my sweet fix for the day.

Well, now, it seems that my stomach is in revolt.

It is telling me:

NO, It really upsets me when you drink coffee..’ (damn.)

‘And um, NO, I actually really don’t like Ice Cream, Panna Cotta OR Cheesecake..’(damn, damn, and damn)

‘And NO, I am not loving Chocolate…and, don’t even try to sneak in that swig of wine while you drown your sorrows.’

‘But, hey, don’t despair! I really LOVE that Yogi Peppermint Tea. so soothing. And, YUM, I really love those noodles, but, hey now darling, hold the sauce!’

This new turn of events has made my job all the more interesting..

Stay tuned for the diagnosis…. Posted by Picasa

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