Monday, March 12, 2007

1000 layers…

One of my favorite things pastry is the Croissant.

The Chocolate Croissant...dipped in chocolate, to be exact.

I have fond memories of heading to the bakery with my mom after morning swim practice, long ago, and picking out my breakfast. The first bite was always heaven…breaking through the shell of chocolate on the dipped end, through the crackling and buttery layers of pastry to the chocolate core in the center.


The magic of the Croissant, the Danish and Puff Pastry lies in the method. Butter is layered within the dough, creating a flakiness achieved by a series of folds and turns and rolling the dough thin. I have had this sense of awe surrounding ‘laminated doughs’, as they are called, since I was in school, almost 6 years ago. Our instructors instilled in us a strict preciseness about it all. The butter had to be the exact same temperature and texture as the dough surrounding it, and it was all time consuming. Each fold and turn was followed by a 30 minute rest in the fridge. We only briefly touched on these doughs while in school, so I feel as if I have yet to really perfect them.

What better time to start than today?

My first attempt was with Puff Pastry. Puff is the only laminated dough that isn’t a yeasted dough, so it is the least consuming to make, but it has the most lamination, creating nearly 1500 layers of butter and dough throughout, hence the name “mille feuilles,” which means “a thousand leaves.”

After what I deemed a pretty successful run, I decided to spruce things up a bit and make a caramelized banana upsidedown tart, and...

Breakfast is served...
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amy said...

looks good. where's the winning chocolate sandwich blog entry?

Anonymous said...

Looks divine!!! Yummmm

Sara said...

Hey thanks!! good to see you on here :)