Thursday, October 25, 2007

Japan. Part 1.

Skip to my loo.

There is so much more to Japan than the just their amazing toilets, but I have to dedicate some of my blog to them for they continually made me smile throughout the trip. For those of you who think that a toilet is just a toilet, is just a toilet, I have some news for you.

Yes, there were plenty of bathrooms that utilized the ‘Japanese’ style of toilet..which really is not much more than a hole in the ground, with a rail in front of it to hold onto. For this, I learned the hard way, the first few times, when I didn’t roll up the bottom of my pant legs, and they fell to the ground..which usually isn’t the squeakiest of clean surfaces. (keep in mind, it is harder for women to aim..)

But, walk into a stall with a ‘western’ style toilet, and the experience is almost like a trip to the spa. First, I ventured to sit on a few of these toilets, (with the liner of course) because I couldn’t resist the heated seat. You can actually adjust the controls with just how heated you want your seat…and your toilet seat.

Then, for a little more privacy for those embarrassing public restroom moments, you have the option to cover up those noises, with the sound of running water and birds chirping. Some toilets do this automatically when you sit down, so a lot of times, when you walk into a full bathroom, you hear the sounds of nature and a rushing river…not the sounds that you might expect to hear. Just like a trip to the spa…How relaxing is that?

Then, there are the bidet and washing options which I never partook in, but I was curious about, so one night at the hotel while standing over the toilet, I pressed a button with a spray logo on it. Some sort of spigot came out and literally sprayed me in the face with water, as I stood peering into the toilet like an idiot. It then proceeding to spray the ceiling and the mirror across the room. Quite the cleanse, I would think, if you were actually sitting on the toilet. I certainly hope it wasn’t water from the toilet bowl..

Many of these toilets gave me the sense that I was operating some pretty complex machinery. Most have a control panel on the side with many buttons to push…almost as if I could push a button and buy a can of milk tea, or push a button and a hand would extend out and massage my back. I imagine for the Japanese, the masters of invention, that this is just a matter of time.


amy said...

heated seats? chirping birds? wow, makes me want to go to Japan just to go to the bathroom

Bonny said...

I'm sorry you missed the vibrating toilet....

Sara said...

hmm, what kind of hotel did YOU stay in?? the love hotel? :)