Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bread of Chocolate.

I am craving a chocolate roll from my old bakery days, when we would pull them fresh from the oven, studded with chocolate chips, lightly sweetened and perfumed with cocoa. It was a nice treat, when you were feeling a little indulgent, but it wasn’t such a guilty indulgence. The dough was somewhat lean, with only a few eggs to fatten her up..along with a little chocolate. Of my arsenal of bakery recipes, this one failed to make it out alive, when the bakery doors shut forever back in 2001. And since then, for some reason, I never really thought twice about it.

(so many things to bake, so little time I guess..)

I think that my bread and chocolate craving began a week ago, when I went to seek out my favorite pastry of all time, the chocolate croissant. I was envisioning the chocolate croissant of my youth, one I have surely mentioned in the past. You know, the flaky one, brimming with chocolate on the inside, and then dipped in chocolate on the outside? Well, I was heavily disappointed when I went to bite into my bready croissant, and I found about one chocolate chip’s worth of chocolate on the inside. Come again? (I have since made my gripe clear to the bakery in question on How dare you call it a chocolate croissant? If I wanted a chocolate chip, I would eaten one, AND I would have saved myself $4.00….not to mention the heartache.

Back to my bread...This one isn't quite what I remember, but with a shmear of peanut butter, anything tastes divine..

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