Saturday, June 14, 2008

The brownie not worthy of its name. (i.e. another dud)

I am not sure what I am thinking with this one. I think it started with my desire to play around with whole grains in my baking adventures, and secondly, the fact that I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling large…not to mention an evil mirror and lighting experience I had last night in the bathroom at the Salish Lodge. (think posterior + cottage cheese)

My oven, after being kaput for 2 weeks, is now fixed, so you guessed it..the baking must go on.

While I have a few pretty tasty brownie recipes, I decided for some insane reason to make a low fat brownie tonight. I am kicking myself already, and they haven’t even emerged from the oven yet, in all of their non gooey, non chocolaty badness. I tasted the batter; something that I try not to do in pregnancy, given the raw egg thing and all…but, I couldn’t resist tonight when I noticed the extremely pale hue of my brownie batter. It was then that I had my doubts. Then I tasted it. Think of a batter, that tastes not even remotely resemblant of chocolate, then add that flavor of whole wheat which is great in breads, not so great in brownie batter.

People, it wasn’t good.

I should have known. Really. I mean, how many times do you see a dessert recipe that says “low fat,” and it actually tastes good? Well, I am sure that it happens every once in a while, but let me tell you as someone who spends most of her time baking with real butter and eggs….it happens not often enough. And, STILL, I went along with this recipe. Wishful thinking I guess..

So, to mildly defeat the purpose of the low fat brownie, I added a heaping cup of Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate Mix, which is essentially chocolate and sugar…so, here comes the fat, back into my brownies and onto my posterior. I am not even sure that this will salvage the mess that I may have just made…but, I am waiting, somewhat un-eagerly to find out….

30 minutes later…

Well, they don’t smell too bad…but…

It looks more like a cake, and not quite the fudgy, chocolaty brownies that I normally make…

10 minutes later…

Oh boy, I really hit it on this one. I think that this is the absolute worst dessert that I have ever made. It is that bad. How can the Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Baking Book publish this recipe and feel good about it? Yuk, yuk, yuk.

To think that I was so, so close to making a full fat oatmeal cookie instead, and now I have a pile of tough, chewy, not chocolaty at all, ‘if-you-can-even-call-it-a-brownie’ brownie….such a shame.

This is no brownie of mine, no brownie at all.

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