Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning Glory, in all its glory. before and after.

I remember when I first had a Morning Glory muffin, about 25 years ago. I remember thinking that it couldn’t possibly be any good since it didn’t contain any chocolate chunks or cream cheese filling. Was I wrong. Where it lacked chocolate and cream cheese, it made up for with carrots, pineapple, raisins and coconut. To a 9 year old, it just about knocked my Vans off. My mom used to make these often, and then one day possibly after counting the calories they contained, she just stopped. Quite deceiving, they tote all the healthful ingredients, along with a healthy dose of fat. Oh well. I think that 20 years went by before I had another one, at a local and well known bakery in town. (I wont name names) Until this day, I always felt like with the Morning Glory, you can at least feel like you are eating something healthful, but this one was different, it was all too greasy. Yuk. So, it has been 5 years and while looking to clean out fridge and freezer, I came across all the ingredients…old shredded coconut..frozen pineapple..carrots..a stray apple..lost macadamia nuts..raisins..beckoning to me from behind the roasted chicken and the bag of ice,
‘mmm..remember the days..morning glory..’

I gave into their pleas, and I did what they asked.

I debated cutting back on the butter and oil, remembered my brownie fiasco, and thought the hell with it, I am going to go full force….and I was not disappointed.
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Bonny said...

Morninglory muffins are worth the calories...and think of all the healthy stuff in them.