Friday, August 21, 2009

All Star.

I got my first pair of Converse when I was 12. They were high tops. And they were off white. They were the brakes for me as I sat on my skateboard and careened down the big hill that leads from my parents house. I used to marvel at how hot my heels got by the time I hit the bottom of the hill. The rubber wore thinner and thinner with each ride.

When I was 16, I had a pair of black low tops. My boyfriend had the same ones. I wore these everywhere. And he wore his too. He was the 'alternative' rock guy, the one that introduced me to Primus, the Chili Peppers and Phish. At the time, these bands were still somewhat alternative, as were black low top Converse. I felt cool. The following year, he would take me to the Haight for my graduation gift, a pair of white Doc Marten boots.

In College, after the days of the Doc Martens and the nose ring, I went mainstream with a white pair of Jack Purcells.

Now, I have a pair of brown Converse slides, you know, the ones that look like they lost their laces? I have worn these to death, the soles are practically worn through, and they still keep ticking. These are my go-to shoe, often worn without socks. Not long after I got these, I bought another pair, a pair of brown one stars. For some reason, these still sit pristine in my closet. As if I would be cheating on the slides to break them out before its time.

And yesterday, in keeping with tradition..or in starting a new tradition, I bought my son his first pair.


Bonny said...

I remember the purple high tops you and Min and Amy got me after I read the book,"When I grow old I will wear purple"..Loved those high tops.xxoo

Seattle Sun said...

LOVE this post!!! Z looks so cute in his all-stars and I've coveted the slide-on ones since I first saw you wear them. You have great taste -- in everything!

amy said...

love it