Saturday, November 14, 2009

There is life beyond peanut butter!

Being a first time mom, I am taking all precautions when it comes to food allergies. I come from a family of peanut butter eaters, was raised on Skippy and jelly sandwiches, with no allergies to speak of, but I am still wanting to wait a little longer before introducing peanut butter to my son.

When I was working as a Pastry Chef, I would make other nut butters for use in desserts and ice creams, so when I came across a bag a walnuts in my cupboard that had been overlooked time and time again, I decided to put them to use. I have said before that I am not a big fan of raw nuts in baked goods, but toast any nut and I will eat them by the handful.
(and, maybe only in the case of pecans, I will put them in my cookies)

I have been giving Z almond butter to sub for peanut butter, and I have to say, it is boring! I dont think the almonds are roasted, so it just lacks in flavor. I am kind of kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner, but why not just make nut butters? it really is super easy...and, you can tailor it to your tastes.

So, I took my bag of walnuts and toasted them. then, throw them in the food processor with a little salt and honey. process until the nuts release their oils to make a smooth and not too thick butter. and voila.

the best thing is, Z cant get enough of it, and walnuts are healthier than peanuts, so who even needs peanut butter?

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Seattle Sun said...

Sounds wonderful! But I just want you to do the work for me. :-D