Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guggenloch Cookies..

Today I went with T's class to visit this small family run Organic bakery in the town of Urnasch.Their main focus is on cookies, made from an alternative to regular "white" wheat flour. It is known it the U.S. as Spelt, a more easily digestible form of wheat. Here, it is known as "Dinkel"..
The bakers are also looking to test out another form of wheat called Emmer Wheat. Supposedly, this similar type of wheat can be used as an alternative to people who have allergies to Spelt.

The bio-food market here is definitely on the of the new gourmet and organic stores around this area is called Yardo. I have been in there a couple times already and love looking at all the gourmet foods imported from all over Europe. YUM!

  • Guggenloch

  • Yardo.
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    amy said...

    coolio, sara. your blog rocks.
    what is flicker? how do i get to it?

    spelt, or dinkle cookies sound good....

    your friend, la fawndah