Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Salzburg....Classics, Castles and Cones

We just returned from Salzburg, where the city is celebrating the birthday of Mozart all year long. I am wondering when this city DOESN'T celebrate him though! Many of the gift shops sell all-things-Mozart and occasionally, you will see something that mentions the other claim to fame, "The Sound of Music" as well. Not that this town needs Mozart or the Sound of Music to entice visitors. It is charming all on its own, with the cobbled streets of the old town and the Fortress that looms above the city, perched on a steep cliff. There is a little bit of shi-shi swank as well. We spotted a few too many fur coated ladies among the Prada, Hugo Boss and Gucci stores, most of which had on the signature Burberry scarves to match :)(mom, I think there were too many to count here!) Prices were a little higher here as well. It reminded me of when I was in Vienna 8 years ago with Heidi..As starving students, I remember laughing at the truth in a card that we bought that claimed, "Vienna was so expensive, that I could only afford half of this postcard!" Pictured was half of an image, the other half black...

Some highlights of our trip here aside from the VERY cozy and romantic hotel, included a walk up to the Fortress and in doing so, discovering a water museum that was only open once a month (it was the day we happened upon it)and seeing a classical concert, the modern art museum and a great toy museum. We also had an interesting dining experience at a place that served all its "finger food" in cones. (see the Flickr link) This was quite good, with interesting flavor and texture combos. I also sampled some Austrian pastries. In honor of Mozarts birthday, a special Imperial Torte is being made and sold in Austria. I had some for dessert one night and was pleased to find that it wasn't bursting with the marzipan flavor that can overpower many of these traditional pastries. It was pistachio and chocolate, and it was subtle.

All in all, we recommend this place..even at this time of year, you have the snow and chill but fewer tourists!

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