Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Budapest Part One:

The wind, The snow and My haste… a little story of love and loss.
Aka: Ode to my colorful wool cap (as seen in this photo)

(As sung to the lyrics of, “I left my heart in San Fran-cis-co”..)

“ I left my hat in Bud-a-pest-OOOooo..”

Born to me on December 25th, 2004---left the comforts of my pocket, on a snowy morning on the street of Dob Utca, Budapest---March 13th, 2006.

While on my way back from the Budapest Central Market, the unthinkable happened. I was rushed, with a bag of newly acquired pastries under my left arm and an umbrella in my left hand. In my right hand, thrust into my coat pocket, my camera was firm in my grasp….

My hands were full, and DARN IT, my head was HOT. So, in my haste, I removed the hat and stuffed it, albeit a little haphazardly, into my left coat pocket.


That was the last I saw of it.
I was so worried about the welfare of my bag of delectable looking pastries.. a chocolate croissant and a pinwheel, if you MUST know… all the while trying to keep the umbrella from folding inside out…
…..the hat must have just fluttered to the ground below, only to be stepped on by racing feet and smeared into the mud and the snow.

Poor little guy, didn’t deserve it to end like that.

After the initial shock had passed, and I had my appetite back, I looked again to the pastries, for a little solace, to fill the void..
Alas, the flaky, buttery and rich chocolate croissant that I had envisioned sinking my teeth into was merely a stale, cold and much inferior counterpart….
…definitely not hat worthy; SO, The search goes on.


m said...

oh nooooo...not MY favorite hat!! please don't tell me its so!!!

Sara said...

yes, it IS so...I thought of you first when I realized that I had left it behind! If only Anthropologie had some more of those!

Sara said...

it is also, no coincidence that I am wearing the EXACT same outfit in both my profile pic and the Hat pic....