Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have a hard time pinpointing my all time favorite baking activities, but lately, I think that making Gelato is a front runner.I am not sure if it is just my love of ice cream in general, or the challenge of making each gelato, even better than the last.

Last week, a gelato of mine was dubbed ‘sensual’ by a food reviewer, which brought a smile to my face. I mean, who knew, that gelato had a sensual side?

I am not sure that I did.
It certainly can be sweet, and at times smooth as silk…but, sensual?

Hmm, give me that spoon, let me try it again….

I love making it, because most anything can be made into gelato. I find it a fun challenge at times, to use up things no longer suitable for dessert…

hmm, lets see what we have in here...
Those ‘not so fresh’ mint leaves sitting idle in the fridge, since before I left for my wedding..

Nutty brittle that has fallen victim to humidity..

A piece or two smooshed cheesecake from last nights special..

Almost burnt hazelnuts forgotten in the oven by the busy line cooks..(believe it or not, they give great flavor steeped in cream)

Left over chocolate frosting from that special birthday cake for 2..

and, wouldn’t you know..todays featured gelato is being made with a milk caramel that I used as a filling for a previous post?

who would have thought that cleaning out the fridge could yield such sensual results?

I didn’t, until now.

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min said...

yummy....looks like fall colors.