Monday, January 28, 2008

The Move.

I feel like it happened so fast. One day we just started packing casually, the next, I come home to an empty house, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. I guess this pregnancy thing got me out of all the hard moving, which took place all day while I was at work. Instead, I spent my time packing, unpacking and cleaning. T and I make a pretty good team. In the span on 2 days, we went from not all the way packed, to packed, moved out, moved in, and about 90% unpacked. Phew. And, now, I am exhausted and can definitely feel those pregnancy pinches in my slowly expanding hips.

It is funny to move into a new house, it is almost like opening presents on Christmas morning. Unpacking boxes, trying to find a place for everything…playing house with your furniture and trying to see which way is the best. It reminds me of when I was young, and my room was my very own creative palate. When I needed a change, I would move around my furniture, placing my bed at a different angle, my dresser against a different wall, and I remember feeling like it was a new room. It was exciting again. When that became old and I had exhausted all the possibilities (I think that there were two..) I would add a new hunk to my collage on my back-of-the-door cork board, or I would cement glow in the dark stars all over my ceiling. I remember looking at those stars for hours at night, starting so intensely that they would begin to orbit around each other.

On the Saturday that we moved in, the big Packers and Seahawks game was on, and our new neighbor was having a game watching session with some buddies. I know this is because for some reason, he owns no window coverings at all. I remember thinking that he must be a bachelor or just an exhibitionist. While I was in the kitchen unpacking, I kept noticing a light go on in a little room across the way. I would notice because it was dark in that part of the house, so it was obvious when the light would go on. After a couple times seeing this light go on and off, I realized that I was looking into this guy’s bathroom, with a partially clouded window. I said ‘partially’. So, I could tell when the neighbor and his buddies needed to relieve themselves, AND, whether they were standing, or, ahem, sitting. After about the third time, I felt the need to dig out a curtain rod and curtain of my own, just so I could grant them a little bit of privacy…

A couple weeks and a new roof later, and we are feeling much more settled. It is interesting how I have been noticing things more as a homeowner, whether it is the loose doorknob, the way the hardwood floors are a bit uneven in one place or the fact that our lovely vintage oven doesn’t fit half of my baking sheets..Never did I think twice about these things before, and now, I am thinking, “oh geez, at some point WE need to fix that…and that…and maybe paint this…"

All in all though, our house is like our new creative palate and instead of just changing the furniture around when we need a change, we can actually move a wall or a doorway…for this, we will keep you posted..
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Alexa said...

congratulations on your new house! how exciting! It is such a good feeling to know you can change things should you want to but daunting to know you have to fix things too! Wish we could take the one and leave the other :)

rachel said...

i love your old cupola. i don't know how to spell that. it looks much better on the grass. rest assured that i am just as neurotic about creaks & loose doorknobs as you are. i should spend my summer's laying in the hammock, but instead i let my neurosis get the best of me!

Sara said...

thanks! it is actually an old weathervane that we had to take down when they re did our roof. as you can see, it was quite rotten. I love it too and cant wait to shine it up and get it back up there :)