Monday, January 28, 2008


Being pregnant and having cravings for Sushi has left me feeling a bit conflicted. When I felt the urge, I used to just pop into Whole Foods for my quick Sushi fix, but now, I am feeling a little more paranoid than usual, and I am just not sure that the premade, sitting on the shelf, raw fish sushi is my smartest option. (even from Whole Foods!) It really bums me out, and I admit, I have bought the cooked fish variety but, even then, I felt like maybe I should avoid the premade foods section all together. (I have been reading too many pregnancy books, I know..)

Lately, now that I have my appetite back, I have been craving sushi a lot. Believe me, I am more than happy to be past the “baked potatoes only” stage.

I was feeling quite motivated last night and when the craving hit while shopping at Whole Foods, I passed right through the premade Sushi land and headed to the rice and Nori aisle instead. I decided to make my very own sushi, albeit a boring avocado and cucumber roll, but still, it was sushi.

This is definitely something I will do was quite fun. (I was actually giddy, I was so excited) and easy too! (and it cost a heck of a lot less!)

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Monica said...

how about unagi? that's my all time fave and it's about as cooked as sushi gets. I am so excited to be following your progress...when can I see some pics of you with the bump?