Saturday, November 12, 2005

fall has fallen..

This will be my last picture from the fall foliage series, yes. I can hear you sighing as you read this. Yes, it is sad..but winter is soon upon us. Today happens to be beautiful, but on Wednesday, it looks like some snow..which, will be the start to a whole NEW picture series!! STAY TUNED!

here is a reminder and a preview of what may be to come...

So, going's on here include a close hockey game last night against the faculty, in which I was checked so hard that I hit heads(helmets) with the opponent then fell and landed on my wrist all funky. Not to worry, I am fine now! The evil-doer was thrown into the penalty box! And, even better, when I valiantly arose from the ice and shook my fist into the air, I received many cheers and applause from our arena of fans. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I fell again and kind of hurt my shoulder.. but dont worry, again. It is just sore. I really love the game though and look forward to picking it up again when we head back to the Emerald City.

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