Thursday, May 18, 2006

“Back in Sea-addle again..”(I know, that is incredibly cheesy..but, I keep humming that damn Aerosmith tune and singing the words ‘Seattle’, instead of ‘saddle’.. I don’t even like Aerosmith, so it is a bit like torture.)

Well, after these last few days settling back into Seattle, I realized that I was no longer in Ithaca when:

* I awoke at 6am after a mere three hours of sleep, due to the constant noise of the traffic outside our window, and bright city lights shining in all night.. (granted, we are downtown…not all of Seattle is loud..)

* That morning, T and I were able to roll down the stairs, out the door, and into a café for coffee and sweets.… ah, convenience.

* We were actually able to register at a live Pottery Barn and visit some of my ol’ fave shops...

* That afternoon, we were able to roll down the stairs, out the door, and into a Brazilian restaurant just in time for Happy Hour and a Caprihana..

* I was able to witness some petty crime, when I walked into a Rite-Aid downtown, and brushing past me briskly on his way out the door was a suspicious guy with a bulging backpack…who set the alarm off, only to get a few stares in his direction…(where is Dad when we needed him? :))
……Then, minutes later, while perusing my shampoo options, I hear this authoritarian voice say, “well, are you going to pay for that, now that you have ruined it?” and, in response, an in-audible mumble from a seedy looking character, as he made his way towards the exit with the ‘manager’ in pursuit, sternly shaking a opened loaf of bread at him… um, welcome to downtown city living!

* I was unable to find any grocery stores…It is interesting how, we are living in the heart of the city, yet there is no place to grocery shop…you have to leave downtown for that..seems strange, doesn’t it? Most everything is at our finger tips, except the Whole Foods, PCC and Trader Joes!!
…And, speaking of favorite grocers, I was saddened to hear that two of my favorite places may be on the outs: Larry’s Market, for one…and Metropolitan Market, for the other (bought by QFC..egh!)… times, they are a changin’…

* Last night, while relaxing in our near waterfront apartment, I could hear the ferry’s foghorn, and smell that salt air..

* Today, while on the bus, I was reintroduced to the daytime bus riders, a distinctly different crowd from the morning yuppie commuters.. my seat mate, kept turning to me and asking, “how are you ladies doing today?” as if he saw a mirage of three of me sitting next to him…

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