Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ithaca is gorges....

As we close in on our last days here in the Central Southern Tier, I reflect. I may have griped about Ithaca in the past to many of you out there..(all 4 of you!) But, as spring hits and the flowers and lilacs fill the air with their sweet scent, I actually feel a little sad to be leaving. So, without further ado...

Things I will miss about Ithaca..

** The “Ithaca is…” series; which features everything from ‘Ithaca is Gorges’, to ‘Ithaca is Gangsta’ (my personal fave), to just plain ‘Ithaca is Cold’…and this is printed EVERYWHERE; on tshirts, bumper stickers and license plate holders, magnets, name it!

** Sapsucker Woods, in our backyard. Cross country skiing on the trails in the winter, and a nice walk or run the other drier months of the year. Not to mention the nice view of the trees from our windows..

** The wildlife. The flocks of geese that we would hear flying over our house every night in the early fall, the lightning bugs in the summer, the deer, birds, turtles…

** The crazy storms. snow, hail, lightning and thunder. I actually think that lightning hit our house once. Scary the sh.. out of me.

** The Carriage House Café. Home of the best café ambience, simple breakfast and latté in Ithaca.

** The Lost Dog Café. Good hearty food, always with great service..

** The Boonys. There was something nice about being out in the country for a while. Small town USA. A place where the air feels cleaner, the people call me “dear” and haircuts are 20$..

** Target. The rest of the mall sucked, but I loved having Targét within spitting distance of our house… at times, this was dangerous.

** The new Starbucks! Damn, bad timing!! I have been waiting for this for 2 years! Of course, along with this came the Ithacan poo-poo’ers…

** Hockey. My new favorite sport. And I still have my teeth! I hope to find more of this back in Seattle…

** The Farmers Market, and Ludgate Farms. Both prided on being mostly organic, and featuring locally made products. This is something that I love about Ithaca, the sense of supporting the local business community, hence the anti-Starbucks crowd…

** People Watching. I loved watching the people come out of the woodwork during the Spring and Summer here. Ithaca is full of ‘interesting’ characters.. I do think that people hole up with their acorns in the winter, only to emerge during the warmer months.

** Wegmans! The ONLY good market in town. Tops was ok, but P&C was so depressing with its un-updated and falling apart 50’s façade, its dusty cereal boxes and its crappy produce! (the clerk didn’t know what ginger was when I went in once to ask…)

** Running on country roads and the Cayuga Nature Trail.

** The Lakes, the parks, the gorges, the waterfalls..all beautiful.

** Picking Blueberries at U pick, and the buying in bulk at the Apple Orchards.

** Small town movie theaters. Where else can you buy homebaked cookies at the movies?

** Pangea Restaurant. Ecclectic and good food, cozy and fun atmosphere and creative owners who gave me so much room to grow as a pastry chef. Thanks Paul and Nina..

** Huge Book Sale. I think that this is where the people go before and after the long winter, to load up on books for the next year..

** New Friends. Come visit us in Seattle!


mindy said...

an experience you'll never forget...

amy said...

oh, sure, now you're feeling sad about leaving me. i wwasn't such a bad place to be for a few years. i'll miss you, too.


RiverNiteWolf said...

Sara: I too had my favorites there. Some were: Cornell's bird sanctuary including that great room where we could listen all the sounds...Cornell University campus and specifically T's Busines School,wild turkeys, the woods, the vineyards, the waterfall and gorge, the mums at low prices from the Amish, dinner at Pangea, that fabulous book sale where I bought the book on Teddy Roosevelt and fly fishing a stream, the organic Market, Your big screen TV and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, the vistas of the Finger Lakes area and of course spending quality time with you and T and of course the great pastry you made for us! Remember, we can always return again and visit