Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Ode...this one, to my Mixer.
(you have to search the archives to find the first ode..)

About 6 years ago, My parents bought me a Kitchen Aid KSM-5.. (for the kitchen professional, in case you are wondering..)

The thing was so beautiful, so powerful and heavy duty, yet the power and speed switch kept breaking off. After I returned 3 different mixers…yes, THREE, all for the same faulty switch, I was ready for mixer #4 to work magically. I was a little hesitant to bring home yet another ‘lame’ Kitchen Aid, so I let the folks at Williams-Sonoma talk me into another mixer that they carried at the time. It was being discontinued and was on sale at half the price. When I saw it, my first reaction was similar to when my dad used to take me to buy new running shoes. He would always pick out the monochrome grey Brooks’ with the 5 inch foam padded heel, when all I really wanted was to look cool in the florescent Nike shoes… the ones over there, Dad. He would always tell me, ‘Sara, it doesn’t matter what they look like. You have to go with how they feel.’ I admit, and to this day I agree…the uglier the running shoes, the more comfortable. Now, why IS that?
---anyway, back to the mixer.

So, when I saw the Kenmore Mixer for the first time, I admit, my reaction was less than thrilled. I mean, here the Kitchen Aids come in every color of the rainbow, (and now even in Pastels)..with matching rubber spatulas, bowls and the like..and the mixer that was being pushed on me..for half the cost, was the most boring and industrial looking machine…and a monochrome grey one at that!
I was a hesitant, given that it was UGLY for one, and also because I had only previously associated the ‘Kenmore’ brand with the Stereo. I had no idea that they made mixers…so, it all seemed a little fishy to me.

Does it play music?

I was somehow convinced to try out this mixer and I have to say, for the last six years, it has successfully pumped out a number of huge batches of cake batter, many cookies, etc, etc…and all of them with such grace and such power!

Tra La La…..

Oh Kenmore, you make me want to sing… Posted by Picasa


Bonny said...

After a completely shitty day, you have made me laugh, laugh, laugh.I would have bought you the nikes

Sara said...

I know that you would have bought me the cool have good shoe taste!

Rachel Bruya Walker said...

if only mixers had iPod adapters!