Thursday, August 10, 2006

Noyau* Cream..

*Noyau translates to 'Fruit Stone'

Did you know that Cyanide is found in the pits of most stone fruits?? Almond extract is also made from Apricot Pits, which are actually a relative of the Almond. As for the Cyanide, not to be alarmed.. Heat kills its toxic properties, and leaves a nice almondy flavor behind…

So, with the abundance of Cherries around this summer, I decided to use the whole fruit. After pitting the cherries, I rinsed the pits free of most of the slimy cherry pulp. I then put them into a Ziploc bag and sealed it.

Now, for the fun part.

Getting my aggressions out.

With a hefty meat cleaver, I pounded the c**p out of the pits, until they broke open and the inner stones were revealed. Of course, I blew open a few Ziploc bags and pits went flying far and wide, but in the end, I was left with many busted cherries and the lovely scent of bitter almond.

To extract as much of this flavor as I could, I added 1 cup of the crushed ‘Noyau’ (fruit stone) to a Quart of Cream, and I brought the cream to a boil. I then let it steep overnight, chilled, of course. (steep less for a less bitter flavor)

The next day, I add this cream either to a prepared Ice Cream Base, which consists of Milk, Yolks and Sugar, or substitute it for the cream in a Crème Brulee, or in a Panna Cotta. I have yet to try the Brulees, but so far, in my experiments, it has made a great gelato as well as a good Panna Cotta, served with a chilled Peach and Muscat Soup. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

wow, i'm impressed. you'll have to share how it all turned out.

just heard about basil gelato?? interested?

Sara said...

hmm, sounds interesting!