Sunday, January 24, 2010

All in the name of Adventure.

The other day, Z and I ventured to an outer area of London to visit a friend and her daughter. She kindly offered to pick me up from the train station if it was pouring, as she lives a 10 or so minute walk from there. I figured that we would be covered, literally and figuratively, since I had a newly purchased umbrella and a rain cover for Z’s stroller. And, the rain was intermittent. When I got off the train, the rain started up a little heavier, so I bundled up and started down the road. When I got to where I should have taken a right turn, I instead took a right to cross the street and continued walking on the same street. Later, after I realized that I had walked 20 minutes in the wrong direction, I was confused that the street sign for the street I wanted, faced parallel to the street I was currently on. Usually this means you are on the street the sign reads. Not in this case. The street I needed to be on was perpendicular to the sign. In short, I took a wrong turn. The rain was heavier now. The only thing that saved me from walking even further in the wrong direction was my iphone. The GPS. Not sure why I didn’t view it earlier. Must have been my confidence in that darn street sign. In any case, I was glad I looked at the map when I did, because I was getting wet and Z was not happy with me at all. We finally did make it to our destination, and although an hour late, Z and I were met at the door with hot tea, some hearty chili and the familiar face of an old friend. Definitely made the trek worth while. and, next time, remind me to forgo the rainy walk for a nice car ride instead..

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