Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have seen their well known cupcake book on the shelves back home, so when I stumbled across Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Rd, I thought for sure I would have to go in. This was the second or third time, actually, that I had passed it. Each subsequent time, I just kept walking. It is a tiny space, with a line out the door, and I have a tot in a stroller. I have to weigh this all out in my head before I venture into tight spaces. So, I walked right by a couple times and finally, the other day, as I walked by, it was nearly empty. I walked by, then turned around, peeked in, and decided that I could go for a cupcake and a cappuccino. They are all the rage right?

Well, aside from the more than polite service, I was not blown away by the cupcake. Maybe it was an off day, or maybe I made the wrong choice, even though I was told by the gal behind the counter that Red Velvet was the crowd pleaser. What I found was a dry cupcake with an overly sweet icing. Ho hum. Of course, dry or not, Z and I polished it off no problem, but it definitely left much to be desired.

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mindy said...

well that's disappointing...