Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day at the Markets.

Columbia Street Market. looking out from a shop to the flower market outside.

mmmmm, fudge.

Spitalfields Market.

This weekend was great. My wonderful husband basically gave me free reign to go explore by myself, so he could have some QT with our son, and so Momma could have some much needed time to herself. wow, I finally feel like I am in London. I was able to get around without the worry of carrying the stroller up and down stairs to the Tube, leisurely browse shops and markets, walk with coffee in hand through crowded markets without worrying about how I would get the stroller through throngs of people or that I would spill my hot beverage on Z, myself or a stranger. I was able to got into small shops, crowded with people, and also the shops up flights of stairs. I have to say, it was really nice. Not that I dont love every moment that Z, T and I have been exploring together, but today, a fire was lit under my a**. Getting out and really seeing London made me realize while seeking out all the playgrounds in our near vicinity is fine and fun for Z, there is this HUGE city that is begging to be explored. and, damnit, we have 10 days left, so moving forward, we are going to get out and see more. I am less afraid of tube travel and am trying to seek out places with an easy tube journey, one in which I can get off and just walk a little further if need be. the line nearest our house actually covers a good park of London East to West without the need to transfer, or with minimal transfer, so that is nice. and, today, I have decided that I am in awe of the Tube. I know, just days ago, I was feeling quite the opposite. It is incredible, really. London is a huge city and I went from our front door across the length of the whole city and to a great Flower Market in 30 minutes. the underground is really amazing, and I actually really enjoy the whole process of getting places.

Today, I went to the Columbia Flower Market in an area on the Eastern Edge of the city. the street was packed with people and cute cute shops, and of course, flowers. When I reached the edge, I kept walking, thinking that I could just catch the Brick Lane...and, of course, I got lost. (my handy iphone map was not working. curse.) but, resourceful me, I hopped on a bus that took me to another market, and I was really pround of myself, that I actually took the bus in the right direction. of course, I did stand at the bus stop for about 20 minutes trying to figure out the map. I walked through Spitalfields, which was kind of a nice mix of food, cool crafty stuff, nick nacks and knock offs. I could do without the last two, but there were some cool things and of course, I had to cap my day off with a little sweet treat.

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