Friday, March 05, 2010

Challah Day.

Challah is an eggy, light and slightly sweet bread. It differs slightly from Brioche in that it usually contains more eggs and less butter. What contributes to the light airy texture is also the type of flour used. In Challah, traditionally, it is white flour which is able to create more gluten thus creating a lighter and airy structure to the bread.

Today when I set out to make Challah, I didnt realize that I was pretty much out of white flour. So began a little experimenting and what I got in the end was actually a decent loaf of bread! In place of most of the white flour, I used a fine milled whole wheat flour and a touch of oat flour.

The end result was good, maybe not as fluffy in texture, but definitely not heavy and dense like wheat breads can get. and, the flavor was good and not too different from a Challah made with all white flour.

recipe to come..
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