Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Parsley Pesto.

I am one of those people who forgoes buying a whole tree of parsley when the recipe calls for one sprig. I hate to think of the extra going to waste in my crisper. I almost always, up until now, have forgotten about it until it pretty much grows a pair of legs to up and walk out of the fridge. so, many times, I just decide to do without that little extra flavor in my soup or my pasta. bad I know, you would think that after years of working in kitchens, that I would be savvier about using up ingredients in creative ways. but, I guess the last 20 months of motherhood have erased some of my previous know how.
but, the other day, I finally started thinking again. Pesto isnt just limited to basil and I know this. as I stared at the wilting parsley and cilantro slowly dying in my crisper, I nearly kicked myself for forgetting about a very basic and simple way to use this stuff up. Funny, because I have had abundance of basil in the past; which turned me into a pesto making machine all summer. (this was back in Ithaca, where basil actually grows with wild abandon..unlike here in the NW, where it doesnt really) and, I know that I have made a cilantro pesto or two in my life. not quite sure how this all had escaped me.

oh yeah, its that motherhood thing. can I blame this again?

Anyway, so I had some extra parsley and some cilantro.
and, some pecans in my freezer.
and a little bit of parm cheese, and a little bit of garlic and olive oil.

and, with a little whirl of the cuisinart, a pretty tasty pesto was born.

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Bonny said...

so now that you are on SB diet, what do you put your pesto on?