Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whole Wheat Challah French Toast.

Challah is really good on the first day, pretty good on the second day, and so-so on the third day. In our house, we got through about half before day three hit. I always seem to forget these things when I bake bread. I love it, but we just dont go through it fast enough. and, in the case of WWchallah, this was no different. I was seconds from just tossing it, and then, i sort of kicked myself. Z has been on a morning-cake roll, be it pancakes, crepes or waffles for breakfast lately, and I guess I just overlooked the obvious. french toast. being a pastry person, I tend to think of all the dessert options bread pudding, bread pudding, bread pudding..and then I think of all the dinner options, crostini, bruschetta, panzanella, ribolita..and I am not sure that challah really suits the bill there.

and, I am a little embarrassed to admit, I dont think that I have really ever made french toast. really? its just not something I think to do often for some reason. until now. this morning, I mixed up some milk, eggs, a touch of sugar, cinnamon and salt and then I soaked the bread in it until it was good and ready. (about 10 minutes.)

come to think of it, I was probably inspired by the donut I ate yesterday..

anyway, it really is amazing how you can take a piece of stale bread and create something really delicious.

french toast, welcome to our house.

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Bonny said...

looks soooooo goooood!!!
Much better than the french toast I took Quinn out for at Freds in Sausalito...made on the same griddle as the hamburgers and bacon