Sunday, August 15, 2010

the land of sopapillas.

As I sit here in my 90 degree house, the last day before T goes back to work after a 6 week hiatus, I reflect back on the last weekend spent with my best girlfriends in the world. It was the first time I had left my 2 year old son for more than 6 hours. I was gone for 3 days. It was hard, of course, to be away from my little family, but I so needed a little refresher. I have no childcare and my husband normally travels during the week. So, having him around for 6 weeks was like a vacation for me too. I was able to steal away and do yoga during the week, get a pedicure and dinner with a friend, go shopping here and there, go to Trader joes solo...all things I used to take for granted. And, last weekend, at the close of T's vacation time, I was able to get on a plane with nothing more than my dear friend, a carry on(!), some smutty magazines and my big bag of peanut m&m's. Let me tell you, it was a little piece of heaven and yet something else I always took for granted.

C and I landed 3 hours later in the land of New Mexico. the land of chilis, the land of sopapillas. the land of 3 blissful days spent with my 3 best friends in the world.

I loved Santa Fe. We just walked around, ate some delicious food, saw some art, went to a really nice spa, and of course, ate some sopapillas. It was a little piece of heaven, a weekend I will never forget.

I am incredibly blessed to have such dear dear friends.


Anonymous said...

Some great pics Sara..and a big Thanks to T for spending time with Iz allowing you to get away...What a Guy!!!


Bonny said...

I love the blue bench- blue window photo. Santa Fe is so much fun. I also love the fact that you were able to have a girl trip. I treasure the girl trips I have had throught the years. Good friends last a lifetime.