Friday, August 13, 2010

My latest craving.

And no, I dont just eat peanut m&m's and spoonfuls of peanut butter dipped in a bag of chocolate chips.

A few months ago, I was in the midst of morning sickness and I ate something that tasted so so wonderful. I was at the Zoo on a warm late Spring day and had met a friend there who had run into another friend. We all ended up sitting on the lawn while the kiddos actually stuck around us, and we had a little picnic. My friends friend whipped out this tupperware of rice and some nori looking things and proceeded to wrap the nori around the rice for a nice treat. It wasn't just your everyday nori though. This stuff had some special name that at the moment I cannot recall. It was nori, but it was toasted and brushed with sesame oil and salted. I was practically drooling it tasted so good. and, it was so incredibly simple and also somewhat healthy. After this, I was on a quest to find it. She usually got it at a Korean market about 15 miles North, but I was able to find it a little closer at another Asian market. (the source of my bubble tea cravings last time around) Funny, I actually refrained from the Bubble Tea and made a Beeline for the seaweed aisle this time.

What is so great is that I actually was in Trader Joes a month later and they had the exact same thing! I was elated to say the least. And, at the moment, I am debating a drive over there just so I can fill my cart with the stuff. At Trader Joes, it comes in a little green package labeled, "roasted seaweed snack."

What I have been doing lately is boiling up some sticky rice, cutting some slivers of avocado and then just putting some of each in the middle of the seaweed. I love it because the texture is great. the salty seaweed kind of crackles with the sticky rice and sweet avocado in between. Maybe its just my darn hormones, but it is a really tasty treat. and, much easier than making sushi.

Now, if I could only have some raw Ahi.

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Anonymous said...

Boy that sounds delicious Sara..I'll ask Bonny to pick some up. dad